Saturday, a black bear was struck by a car on I-96 in Grand Rapids. We may continue to see more black bears in West Michigan.  The black bear population in Southern Lower Michigan is on the rise.
WZZM gives us details:
Over the weekend, a black bear caused all kinds of problems as it wandered through the city. The bear was eventually hit by a vehicle driving eastbound on I-96, near Knapp Street.
John Niewoonder is a wildlife biologist with the DNR. He says the black bear population is thriving up north and it's forcing the younger males, south. "So, the young bears, the young males are looking for a place to call their own. And are expanding out of their existing territory because there are other bears there and more males will come south, looking for a home."
In most cases, Neiwoonder says black bears are elusive. Attacks on humans are rare and usually, the bear is just looking for something to eat. With that said, if you live near a wooded area, you might want to get rid of possible food sources, like bird feeders. Also, if you encounter a black bear, the DNR says to make lots of noise, and slowly leave the area.
The moral of the story...if a black bear knocks on your door this Halloween, think twice before opening the door.