I'm not positive because I didn't know the man personally, but if his wife thinks it's the best the place, who are we to disagree.

First, a little background. Bob Probert was what is known in the game of hockey as 'an enforcer', someone who doled out the punishment in the unwritten bylaws of the game. Often called 'goons', enforcers spent most of their ice time protecting the scorers on their team. And this led to a lot of time spent in the penalty box, serving two to minutes for various misconducts.

Probert, along with fellow enforcer Joey Kocur, was affectionately known as 'The Bruise Brothers' by loyal Detroit Red Wing fans who loved a good fight with their hockey game (and who doesn't?).

1988 was the pinnacle year of Probert's term with the Wings, when he led the league in penalty minutes 398 minutes, the sixth highest total in league history. But he also managed to score 62 points, third on the team, and represented Detroit in the NHL All Star game.

Probert's biggest rivalry was with fellow goon Tie Domi of the New York Rangers, with whom he battled in several brawls. Domi may have actually invented what is now known as the 'discount double check' belt move when he would taunt Probert by indicating that he was wearing a championship belt like a wrestler. Probert often returned the favor.

He also got into notable fights with Stu Grimson of the Anaheim Ducks and fought his friend Kocur on more than a couple of occasions after he was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Sadly, Probert had serious battles he fought off the ice, and was arrested for cocaine possession in 1989. He also did numerous stints in rehab and an effort to get better.

Just when it appeared he had overcome his demons, Probert tragically died of a heart attack in 2010 while boating with his family in Lake St. Clair.

His wife Dani showed up Sunday for the final game at Joe Louis Arena, where she smuggled him in (well, his ashes anyway), and when she got a quick moment, she was spied dumping some of his remains into the penalty box, where her late husband enjoyed so many moments reflecting on life.

I can't that I blame her. It seems appropriate that he spend eternity in the one place he found peace. RIP, Probie.

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