Earlier this month, Sgt. Tom Warwick of the Grand Rapids Police was walking to the Kent County Courthouse when he walked right into a man walking out of a bank in a hurry. It turns out the guy allegedly had just robbed the bank with a pistol.

Here's the official Police bodycam footage of the arrest being made.

The incident took place May 3 at the Huntington Bank branch at 40 Pearl St. NW. A man robbed the store and literally walked out of the bank directly into the path of Sgt. Warwick, who was on his way to a court appearance.

Seeing the gun in the guy's waistband, Warwick pulled his service revolver and held the man until assistance came. The video was posted to the Live Leak web site last week. 

Warwick didn't the activate body cam immediately, so it's comes on right after the officer pulled his gun and has the armed suspect down. Later, as the sound gets turned on, you can hear Warwick talk to the man.

The suspect has been indicted fro the crime.

It turns out the gun was an airsoft BB pistol, which was recovered from the man, along with the cash from the bank.