Brandy rekindled her decade-long beef with Monica at the 2018 Essence Fest in New Orleans over the weekend.

In the viral video above, the R&B songbird is performing her 1998 hit “The Boy Is Mine” and encouraged the crowd to sing along. During the song, Brandy changed the lyric “the boy is mine” to “the song is mine,” which was an obvious shot at Monica who collaborated with her on the tune.

“The Boy Is Mine” appears on both Brandy’s 1998 album, Never Say Never, and Monica’s second effort, The Boy Is Mine, also released in 1998. So technically, it’s both of their songs, right?

In what appears to be a response to Brandy’s shade, Monica took to Instagram and posted a photo that raised a few eyebrows. In one picture, the R&B mom is channeling a fictional character inspired by 50 Cent’s hit show Power and wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Get the Strap.” She’s also holding a large weapon (aka “a Draco”) in her hand.

In the caption, Monica writes, "I’m DD... aka Draco Denise... I’m sure Kanon got me in this mess!! We were childhood friends & he knows I will be around if he calls!! I got a box this Morning that’s changed everything! I vowed that I was out, but clearly, I’m back in!!"


In response, Brandy posted a photo of herself and wrote, "Know there is only one you and that is your power." Oooh, the shade.

On social media, fans were divided in their argument of who is the better singer -- Brandy or Monica? But that shouldn't matter because both are R&B legends.

Other folks were yawning at the pair's decade-long beef and wished they would simply throw fists. Also, a large contingent of fans didn't know why they are beefing in the first place.

Check out reactions to the R&Beef: Brandy Vs. Monica below.

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