If you’ve been to the Brann’s on Leonard St on the NW side of Grand Rapids you’ve surely seen the flags and signs that honor the fallen heroes of West Michigan law enforcement and military personnel.

Well according to WZZM13, the city of Grand Rapids has told the restaurant that they have to remove the flags and signs; not because they disagree with the message, but because they are violating a city ordinance by having too many signs on the outside of the building.

WZZM13 spoke with Johnny Brann, the owner of the restaurant, and he told them that he plans to try to correct this by filing a zoning variance and going through the proper channels, but ultimately says no matter what, he has no plans on removing the flags or signs.

“I’m going to go through the process, but regardless of the result I’m not taking the flags down,” he says. “These people gave their lives for us and they deserve to be honored and remembered. I’m going to continue to make sure they are.”


It will cost the restaurant $1,349 to file for the zoning variance and there’s no guarantee that they will be allowed an exception.

My guess is, this story is far from done.



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