Great news, because I have a Nexus 5 with a broken screen. The best part of this, Gizmodo reports that it doesn't matter how you broke it. There is at least one catch though...

Google will only replace phones that were purchased using the Google Play store. I found this out yesterday when I called to get my phone replaced. I bought mine directly from Sprint, which disqualifies me from free replacement.

Gizmodo speculates that the no-questions-asked replacement policy might be a way to clear out the company's overstock of Nexus 5s. I speculate it's because the screens are VERY fragile (cue the, 'why didn't you get a case?' comments). Seriously though, why make a phone screen out of glass?

I have digressed. Back to point...

Here's what to expect if you try for the replacement. Google will charge the full price of the replacement phone to your credit card. No worries though, they will refund your money when they receive your broken phone.

Word from Gizmodo users is that some customer service reps might not know about the offer, but they do approve the replacement as a 'one time service to valued customers.'

Can I add something else? They are some extremely friendly people. They just need to make phones with stronger screens. (I mean really, it barely bumped my car door and it busted.)

Contact Google at 855-836-3987 to inquire about a replacement phone.