Steve learned a very valuable lesson this week when his kids interrupted his haircut and he only ended with half a trim.

  1. This week’s first Daddy Tip is a tip my brother brought with him when he came to visit. Whenever we go to the park with Charlotte, it’s always like pulling teeth when we tell her it is time to go home. That is until my brother brought a bag of suckers with him. Now all we need to do is pull a sucker out of our pocket and Charlotte is easily bribed into going home. Suckers, the Toddler’s kryptonite.
  2. The next Daddy Tip is all about my daughter Izzy and sleeping in the crib. My wife and I have had a lot of trouble getting Izzy to sleep a full night in the crib, until this week… That’s right, we’ve officially had 2 nights in a row where Izzy slept the whole night in the crib! What was our trick? Literally nothing other than persistence. For over a month we dealt with a crying baby who needed to be rocked back to sleep countless times, but in the end she finally just slept. So, just keep trying and you’ll eventually succeed.
  3. And the final Daddy Tip this week is to make sure that you have the kids under control before you start any sort of important task. This last weekend, Britt was going to cut my hair after the kids went down for a nap, but apparently we didn’t plan correctly because Izzy woke up crying bloody murder right in the middle of the cut. And then her crying enticed Charlotte to come out of her room too. Now we have two nagging kids totally shutting down my haircut time. Long story short, I currently only have half a haircut. So, if you need to do an important task, either get a babysitter or wait until everyone is asleep at night because no one wants half a haircut.

And now it’s time for an awesome Dad Joke!

Q: What do you call a chicken looking at some lettuce?
A: Chicken sees-a salad.

You can listen to the entire segment below:

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