One of the best hidden gems in Grand Rapids is the Broadway Bar. It's a little bar with a lot of life... especially around this time of year.

If you haven't been to the Broadway Bar they are mostly known for their over-the-top Christmas decorations. From the ceilings to the walls to the tabletops, the place is covered making it a staple to visit during the holiday season. Unfortunately though, that isn't the case this year. The decorations may be up but nobody is there to enjoy it.

In an interview with WOOD-TV, the Broadway Bar said that this is the time where they make the majority of their money for the year to run their business, but due to the pandemic and the most recent executive orders they are facing the harsh reality of possibly having to close for good.

The family that runs Broadway say that the bar didn't qualify to receive loans from the state because they are considered too small. To give you perspective,

When 50% capacity was allowed, only about 20 people were allowed in...

Normally during this season the place gets so packed customers have to reserve a block of time to come into the bar, and that's if you're lucky to even find an opening.

Up until this point they've been paying the bills with money they've had in savings, but that can only last so long. If things continue on this trend, Broadway Bar will likely have to close their doors in the next month.

In the meanwhile a GoFundMe has been set up with a goal of $15,000. As of Tuesday night, over $2,000 had been raised. Help give the Broadway Bar a Christmas miracle whether you frequent the place or just want to support a local business.

Broadway Bar is located at 740 Broadway Ave. NW.

A recent report from the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association (MRLA) shows that the hospitality industry is struggling and 5,600 (33%) restaurants are likely to shutter in the next six months without some form of aid. The same applies for about 850 hotels in the state.

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