The pandemic brought some shaky times to the Broadway Bar, but its patrons saved the day, and now its time for a celebration.

The west side tavern, know primarily for its lavish displays at Christmas was on the ropes, mainly due to restrictions which were in place at the height of the pandemic last year.

When it couldn't open its doors at Christmas time, when its elaborate displays pulls in most of its revenue for the year, the Broadway was brutally honest about being in dire straights.

But a GoFundMe raked in $30,000 from long time patrons and that saved the day, which means that the Bar will live for another Christmas. And the owners wanted to say thank you.

“When we had that benefit going people donated that we never even heard of. I went to bed crying because I couldn’t believe it, it kept our doors open,” owner Cynthia Berrington told WOOD-TV 8.

So Saturday, the Broadway Bar will host a thank you party, to give back to those who kicked in. The 'Christmas In July' themed party will kick off at noon and run until 5pm, and feature free hot dogs, chips and raffles, and most importantly, they'll open up reservations for the upcoming Christmas season.

“It’s going to be a thank you there is no charge for the hot dogs or anything like that. It’s a thank you to everybody who helped us out,” Berrington said.

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