For the second year in a row, has named the Brown Iron Brewhouse the best beer bar in Michigan.  Brown Iron Brewhouse is located in Washington, about 40 minutes north of Detroit.

Brown Iron Brewhouse is known for their beer hall aesthetics with 70 different beer taps that are rotated daily.  Here is what had to say about Michigan's best beer bar:

Styled after a modern twist on the large and open German beer halls, Brown Iron Brewhouse specializes in draft beer from U.S. craft breweries. You can find a large selection of Michigan beers, including some that you may not find anywhere else. -

So, next time you are in Southeast Michigan, be sure to make a stop at Brown Iron Brewhouse.  Not only can you try 70 different beers, but a lot of those are Michigan beers with some even being unique only to the bar.

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