Her smile is contagious, her passion for baking is, well, not contagious enough for me to attempt making the ever popular and traditional Easter favorite -- hot cross buns!  For Lily Tendero, owner of Daughter's Chocolates,  it was no problem and she eagerly took my order.

I have to admit that I giggle every time we talk because her sweet ten-and-a-half year old voice just doesn't fit her big business attitude.  Lily is so articulate.  Her attention to detail is refreshing and is what anyone would look for when placing a special order. 

Aren't those the most beautiful baked goods you've ever seen?  Beaming from ear-to-ear, Lily told me that she found a five star recipe to fill my order!
If you'd like to place your own order you can contact her at Daughter's Chocolates at lilytendero@gmail.com or by calling 616-295-3309.
Lily's specialty baked goods and budding business!  

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