When a new store/restaurant opens, everyone wants to be the first to try it.  And there have been a lot of new ones in West Michigan lately.

The same goes for big sales and tickets to popular events.

If you want to score some tickets, be the first in, or save some money there is a price to pay...waiting.  Camping out might get you what you want, but is it worth it?

Buffalo Wild Wings just opened in downtown Grand Rapids.  People camped out to be the first in. The first 100 people received vouchers for 6 free wings each week for a year...but it sure was cold.

Elton John is coming to Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo.  Tickets sold out in 20 minutes.  Many who had waited hours never had a chance to purchase tickets.

I've never camped overnight for tickets, but I have waited many hours by starting very early in the morning.  Concerts and Detroit Tiger Opening Day tickets are always at the top of my list.  Black Friday?  That's too much for me.

I've rarely missed out on the tickets I've wanted, but even when I did, it was still fun.  Waiting for concert tickets seems to be the most fun.  In fact, I think a few people just camp for the party.  Did you know that in the 90s the going rate to purchase a hot burrito wrapped in aluminum foil from another fan while waiting in line for Phish tickets at Van Andel Arena was $1?

As long as you can find a way to make waiting fun, camping out for tickets/sales/chicken wings isn't so bad.