Cardi B has beef with Peppa Pig.

Her two-year-old daughter Kulture picked up a frustrating habit from watching the animated children’s show and it’s been getting on the rapper’s last nerve.

"My baby been watching peppa pig and now Everytime she sees a wetpuddle she wants to stomp on top of it," Cardi tweeted early Monday (December 28).

"That s--t gets me so tight ! F--kin up her uggs......Deum you peppa pig ...COUNT YOUR F--KIN DAYS!"

Like most toddlers, Kulture has become obsessed with the sassy British cartoon and is picking up what she sees on the show, such as jumping in puddles like Peppa does with her younger brother George.

Peppa is no stranger to feuds with pop divas, though.

Back in 2019, she dropped her debut album titled My First Album on the same day Beyoncé and Iggy Azalea were releasing albums. While Bey remained unbothered by the competition, the "Fancy" singer took the shared album release date as a threat.

Here are some hilarious reactions from Twitter:

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