Here I thought I was the only one unimpressed with Korean pop sensation Psy's "Gangnam Style". Oh no, turns out kitties are not fans either. Now I can't tell you why a video exists of cats listening to "Gangnam Style", but I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, aside from having to listen to the song again... but it's totally worth it to watch these adorable cats writhe and grimace and generally show their disdain for it.

The internet may going crazy  for "Gangnam Style", but these cats really don't think so. My favorite is about 35 seconds in. Pure hatred. So awesome.

As to why this vid exists, Noisey on YouTube explains,

The entire Internet is losing its hive mind for K-Pop genius Psy and his breakout hit, "Gangnam Style." But here's the thing: the Internet is like 99% cats. So we decided to ask a bunch of adorable widdle kitties what they thought of the track. Thanks to Olive, Mittens, Puffy, Niko, and General Bonkers for their participation.

I mean, sure. Makes sense. I also say thank you to these awesome kittens. They have excellent taste.