After the final play of the game, the field was rushed by reporters, players, family, and probably some random people too.  That's typical for after the Super Bowl, but what wasn't typical is the extremely long, arduous, and painfully awkward attempt at getting an interview with Tom Brady.

Tracy Wolfson followed Tom around for what seemed like an hour, asking him for an interview, only to be pushed around and told not yet.  Tom wanted to meet with some of the opposing players, give some of his players hugs, and congratulate his coach.  OK, that's fine.

But what CBS did while Wolfson was trying to get the interview, was really weird.  They had a live audio feed from the field, which including a lot of yelling, swearing, and 'not yets'.  It also included some audio from the producer or director talking about what was happening.  This lasted for 5-10 minutes before the interview was finally secured.

Here is a clip of the madness...

And here is the final interview that Wolfson got with Tom Brady.

Crazy!  Tracy Wolfson said this was typical and that she was never in danger of being trampled and gave this super professional account of the night.

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