If you know a kid going above and beyond to help out in their community, you can nominate them here to be Channel 957's Community Kid of the Week! If they are chosen, they will then be eligible to be our Community Kid of the Year with a grand prize of $1,000!

This week's Community Kid of the Week is  8-year-old Brianna Klunder. Brianna is currently enrolled in Girl Scouts and really  stepped up in her troop to sell for the Fall Sale. Brianna was out there in 30 degree weather braving the elements trying to better her troop. She didn't want to stop, her parents finally had to finally tell her that they were cold. She is very shy so this is a huge step for her. Her parents are very proud of her.  She is so excited about Girl Scouts and the opportunity to help others.

She was born at 23 weeks, had open heart surgery at 1 pound 4 oz, battled numerous infections, her heart stopped several times and the great doctors had to revive her. She is her parents' "miracle".

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