I'm a little late on my hunk of the week this week, which just means that you'll get a dose of hunkiness a few days apart instead of having to wait a week. I've been catching up on a lot of TV shows lately, and my latest TV crush is none other than Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax Teller on "Sons Of Anarchy". If you haven't seen the show, you might not know who he is, but you'll figure out why I love him so much when you check out the pictures after the jump.

Now, I never thought that I would like the show, it being about a biker gang and all. But, I've grown to love it, and I've grown to love Jax even more (it helps that he's often shirtless and there are quite a few scenes of him in the shower). Oh, and apparently he's British?!? So the accent is a nice added bonus.

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