There are “Oops!” moments and then there are “I really f—ed up!” moments. Actor and pop culture magnet Charlie Sheen, last seen “winning” and touting tiger blood and Adonis DNA with his goddesses, committed the latter faux pas. It was an epic technology fail when the actor, who was dining at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, accidentally tweeted his cell phone number to his five million followers.

You see, Sheen meant to direct message none other than Justin Bieber but ended up sending the tweet en masse. WTF, right?

The Daily Mail reported that Sheen tweeted: “310-954-7277 Call me bro. C.” That tweet caused his phone to blow up with calls and texts (approximately 1,800 texts in a matter of minutes) from fans and followers attempting to verify whether or not it was actually his number.

The number has since been disconnected and Sheen likely has a new cell phone plan and digits in place. However, the reason he was tweeting his digits to The Biebs remain unclear. The Biebs told The Hollywood Reporter that he has not connected with Sheen and had a simple response to the Twitter mishap: “WINNING!”

Perhaps Sheen would like to collaborate with The Biebs, some way, some how? You never know. It would be pretty majestic if these two minds met.