Charlie Sheen has come up with a great new idea! He went on tons of TV & radio shows regarding his readiness to come back to the set of "Two and A Half Men", after his substance hiatus that initially caused CBS to put the show on hold.   News broke Friday that CBS decided to cancel the show that had an extremely successful 8 year run.  Now, Charlie's got a new money making idea!

TMZ reports that Sheen has started writing a tell-all book about life on the set of Two and A Half Men, including the nitty gritty that made CBS decide to cancel the hit show's successful 8 year run.  Charlie wants the world to know the details of what happened on the set over the course of 8 years, and he is not leaving of names of co-stars.  The good OR bad details.  He has a working title at this time... ""When the Laughter Stopped."

Charlie is forecasting a bidding war for the publishing rights, that are expected to start at $10 million!  Lets hope he find better use for that money than his hopefully former bad habits.