Movie and TV drinking games have been around for a long time.  I'm going to embarrass myself by admitting that my first TV drinking game was in college.  The show was dynasty, the alcohol was cheap champagne and you took a drink when somebody said Blake.  If somebody said Blake Carrington you drank the whole glass.  More recent games involved Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones just to name a few.

Now, with the onslaught of Christmas movies about to descend, comes the Christmas Movie Drinking Game.  Our friends at let us in on a Hallmark Christmas Movie drinking game from a woman named Brittney Graves that's supposed to work with any movie.  For instance, you drink if a big-city person is transplanted into a small town.  Then there's having to drink if the movie stars Candice Cameron or Lacey Chabert.  The kicker is, since it involves drinking, many women have no problem getting their husbands or boyfriends to play.  Wanna know more?  Just click HERE.


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