On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, host Chris Hemsworth's running gag is his hotness. One sketch, titled “Brunch,” capitalized on this theme in the best way ever: Chris Hemsworth dressed up in a wig and dress to find out what women really think of him.

In the sketch, Hemsworth sits with a group of his "friends" at lunch, disguised as "Claire." While the rest of the women discuss Hollywood hotties, Claire naturally chimes in with how hot Chris Hemsworth is. But as the conversation progresses and Claire continually reroutes the topic to how hot Chris Hemsworth is, the rest of the girls begin to question whether or not "Claire" is actually Chris Hemsworth in a dress and wig.

Once Hemsworth is finally found out, he asks, “Am I still a hunk?” Aidy Bryant hilariously replies, “No. This was bad, and you’re weird now.” You can check out the full sketch below.