Generally when you hear "Christian band", you don't think "controversial", but that's exactly the words that are being used to describe the band Junkyard Prophet. Then again, it's not often that you hear anything about a "Christian rap metal band" from Minnesota.

The band said some pretty shocking things last week while visiting a high school in Dunkerton, Iowa. The band was supposed to be talking to the student body about "bullying and making good choices" according to administrators, but they went far beyond that.

According to parents, the band told girls in the audience that “they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren’t virgins.” In a separate session, strictly for girls, the band told them to save themselves for their husbands and assume a submissive role in marriage. Then the girls were forced to chant a mantra about virginity.

According to reports, the band also targeted the schools LGBT community, holding up photos of Elton John and bashing his sexuality. They also told the students that the average gay may only lives until the age of 42 because his lifestyle will "literally kill him".

To add to the craziness, students were also shown photos of fetuses during the portion of the assembly in which the group discussed abortion.

The Junkyard Prophet's Facebook page links them to two different religious organizations both connected to the group's drummer, Bradlee Dean, who is also a minister.