A Grand Rapids brewery has put a program in place that aims to make sure that their guests feel safe within their establishment.

The "Angel Ale" program at City Built Brewing was launched back in 2018, but recently has gained more attention. The program offers guests a set of code words that can be used to alert staff to an uncomfortable situation.

The system is outlined on a poster in the women's bathroom that reads: "ARE YOU ON A DATE THAT'S NOT GOING WELL? DO YOU FEEL UNSAFE & UNEASY? GO TO THE BAR & ORDER AN ANGEL ALE."

Below that, it outlines the different types of Angel Ale that can be ordered:

  • A 10 oz. Angel Ale - staff will keep an eye on you and your date.
  • A 12 oz. Angel Ale - staff will safely escort you out of the taproom and coordinate transportation for you.

At first, the brewery tried to keep the program on the down low. However, the sign gets posted quite a bit on Facebook and Instagram, so management decided to make the program publicly known.

They released the details of the program right around the time of the launch of Safe Haven Minstries' "Love Shouldn't Hurt" campaign.

Through the campaign, Safe Haven has partnered with 23 different craft beverage producers to spread the message that love shouldn't hurt. You can support the cause by purchasing a glass of "Love" from any of the participants listed below, a "Love" can glass, or selected "Love" apparel from The Mitten State. Find out more about "Love Shouldn't Hurt" below.


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