Don't know where to start cleaning your house? Help is on the way.

The Good Housekeeping Institute has put out this -- helpful? overwhelming? terrifying? -- graphic which explains what and when you should be cleaning in your home.

This is a pretty blanket guide because all of our home situations are unique. If you have little kids, keeping your home in tip-top shape is harder than not stepping on any Legos. Odds are you're doing laundry so often you could earn frequent flyer miles, but neglecting things like mopping floors. If you're a bachelor whose fridge is really just a giant cooler for beer, chances are your toilet isn't getting the daily cleaning recommended and washing the doormats is further down your list of priorities than calling your mom back.

Good Housekeeping Institute

What do you think? Is this guide on the money or is simply too hard to keep up with the tasks pointed out? Considering how much time you'd need to properly clean, is this list realistic? And are there are any other cleaning jobs in your house that this graphic fails to mention?

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