Though the video wasn’t scheduled for release until this Monday (June 4), the video for Coldplay and Rihanna‘s collaboration, ‘Princess of China,’ hit the Web today (June 2).

The clip is designed to look like a classic Asian martial arts film and features all the elements of one: a trip through the desert, a forbidden romance, sword fighting and gravity-defying combat.

We get to see the full spectrum of Rihanna’s bizarrely beautiful costumes that were first got a glimpse of in the video’s stills, behind-the-scenes footage and tour promo clip for the song. From her heavily sculpted hairstyles to her talon-like nails (and multiple moving arms), it’s a truly stunning visual, whether RiRi is lounging on a silk chaise in PVC pants or sailing through the sky in flowing white robes and sandals.

Though the plot is a bit tricky to follow, the gist of it is this: Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Rihanna love one another … and also try to kill one another (this seems to be a common theme for the Bajan beauty, though this is far more artistic and romantic than anything she’s done with ex Chris Brown). There’s ninjas, a moonlit sword battle, deserts and dancers in between. Grab some chopsticks and tune in!

And be sure to head over to iTunes to download the single and Coldplay’s latest album, ‘Mylo Xyloto.’

Watch the Coldplay ‘Princess of China’ Video Feat. Rihanna

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