A very controversial Civil War statue in Allendale was found "tarred and feathered" on the evening of Friday, January 8.

Two progressive groups, Justice for Black Lives and the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA), take responsibility for the "tarring and feathering" of the statue.  The groups used flour, corn starch, and feathers to cover the statue before hanging a sign around the statue that said "Traitor".  You can see photos of the statue posted by MACRA after they "tarred and feathered" it on their Facebook page.

According to an interview with MLive.com, the groups say "the mischief likely will continue as a means to keep the removal effort in the public eye."  The statue became a hot button issue during the summer of 2020 when activists were asking for its removal.  The removal of the statue was proposed to the Allendale Township board members, but the board members voted unanimously for the statue to stay.

The statue was cleaned up by the following morning, but as the activists said in their interview with MLive.com, Allendale Township should expect more "mischief" in the future.

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