Congrats to Stephanie and Stephanie from Stenger and Stenger P.C.; they are the latest winners of Rob’s Lunch Bunch with Little Caesars!

Technically Stephanie, next to the window, won, but when I announced it on air, I didn’t use the last name… just like I am now.  Well, the other Stephanie heard her name and where she works and emailed me.  Without checking last names (because seriously, how many Stephanies could there be in the office… I mean there’s only one Rob in ours, so yeah,) so I told Stephanie she was a winner; except promotions had called the other Stephanie, lol. Thank goodness they both work for the same team and Little Caesar’s came through like champs and made sure we had plenty of food for both Stephanies, along with anyone else not named Stephanie in the office!

Want to be our next winner?  We bring Little Caesars' pizza and Crazy Bread… we also bring the delicious Cinnamon Bites for dessert for you and up to 19 of your co-workers!   You gotta sign up though; the sooner, the better.