It was a social media post from two Coopersville High School students that sparked an outrage. In the post, the two students belittled the death of George Floydm and it has prompted disgust by fellow students and investigation by Coopersville High School and authorities.

The story was found on Snapchat, WOOD TV8 reported.  In the story one boy is seen kneeling on the neck of another seemingly trying to recreate the death of George Floyd in Minnapolis.

A student told WOOD-TV8, “When I saw it, I actually got sick to my stomac. First of all, they were mocking the death of an innocent man.” The hashtag, #georgfloydlivesdontmatter."

Another student told the news outlet, “I was disgusted. I was really sad. I didn’t think someone would do that, especially from Coopersville,”

Coopersville Principal and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office wouldn't comment, but were looking into the post.  Students were saying that they would like to see the two boys in the video held accountable and wants the school to educate students and staff when it comes to race and diversity.

No charges have been filed as of yet, but as the investigation continues it is possible.

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