I know, I know, you can't watch one more Carly Rae Jepson "Call Me Maybe" parody/ lip dub/ cover . EVERYONE has made  a video--The Yale Men's baseball team, Wendy's favorite Jacob Bondarek (the guy who really gets down in his car), the Prez-- even your mom has probably made one. Well, let me just tell you this video is the be all and end all of Carly Rae Jepson covers. Why? Because it's done by a corgi. Who's in love with a collie. And there's a kitty that plays the piano. You will smile your face off watching this, guaranteed.

I will confess I'd never actually watched the original "Call me Maybe" video, but after this I had to-- to see how close this doggy parody is to the original. Pretty much dead on, I tell you! Complete with "Corgi Rae" barking longingly out the window, the whole romance novel fantasy, and even the "surprise ending" (you'll never guess who the collie goes for!) Here's the original vid, if you'd also like to compare and contrast--

I'm not gonna lie, I might like the corgi/ collie version slightly better... Sorry Carly Rae. It's the best parody I've seen so far. Do you agree? Or is there one you like more?

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