Officials in Park Township are currently considering a plan that would put up a seasonal gate at the entrance to the walkway leading to the pier at Holland State Park.

According to WOOD TV8, the plan would limit access to the pier from December through March when the lake conditions reach their peak danger. The gate could also be closed during the spring and summer at times when the lake conditions become dangerous.

WOOD TV8 says the plan is being discussed among Park Township officials as well as Park Township Fire Department, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan DNR, and the Army Corp of Engineers.  They are all interested in finding new ways and plans to keep people safe while visiting Holland State Park.

Park Township Manager Howard Fink told WOOD TV8,

“We do not want to adversely affect the fisherman. At the same time, we do need to recognize there needs to be some safety improvements here. Ultimately what we’re trying to do is save lives.”

A hiccup in the plan is making sure the gate doesn’t interrupt fishing on the pier during the fall. The township manager says they are also involving local fishing groups in the conversation and trying to make sure they will still have access.  Ultimately the plan for the seasonal gate would have to be signed off by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, according to WOOD TV8.

If all goes to plan and everything can get worked out, the gate would be installed before next year’s summer beach season.

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