Sometimes, animals are able to see things that we humans just can't. That's definitely the case for two seeing-eye dogs in England. Rod and Venice, two guide dogs, met while they were training to be guide dogs, and were seemingly inseparable. Venice's owner, Claire, says that they would pull towards each other all of the time during training, never wanting to be apart. It was the love that these two dogs had for each other that eventually formed a human love connection, as well. 

After the guide dog course ended, Claire and Mark (Rod's owner) decided to meet up for coffee every so often (they lived near each other) so they could talk about guide dog ownership and so that Venice and Rod could see each other. As time went on, coffee progressed to lunch, and lunch progressed to even longer lunches.

The pair eventually fell in love, and Claire says that a text from Mark really sealed the deal for her. The text simply read, "If you'd let me I could make your world a lot happier." And Claire ended up taking him up on that. The couple is now engaged to be married.

Venice and Rod are, of course, totally fine with this arrangement. The two dogs share a bed and enjoy cuddling with each other. Claire and Mark have said that the dogs will definitely play an integral role in their wedding next year.