Here's Curtis' review of Honey Creek Inn for restaurant week.

Katie and I took the girls to the Honey Creek Inn in Cannonsburg.  The first thing the girls noticed was the giant moose across the street.  We later learned that his name is Ralph.  We grabbed a booth and ordered our Restaurant Week specials.  We started off with an heirloom tomato, mozzarella caprese salad that was so light and refreshing we could’ve eaten it all night, and fried fois gras that even had the girls asking for a second and third bite. 

For an entrée the girls ordered the fish fry and chicken strips off the children’s menu.  Speaking of the children’s menu, it had a great joke on it:  Why did the girl throw the stick of butter out the window?*   Katie went with the lobster corn dog (a lobster tail that was battered and fried on a skewer with honey mustard and a spicy thousand island-like dressing) and I got the thufferin’ thuccotash (a delicious rabbit stew, but watch for little bones) with a homemade johnny cake.  We gobbled them up and were almost too full for the third course…dessert!

Katie’s baked apple was perfect for the apple pie lover who can do without the crust (me) and the s’more tart was a little bowl of heaven!  It was a warm brownie topped with toasted marshmallows and bits of graham cracker.  I could’ve eaten an entire pan of it, but I had to share with the girls.  Maybe next time we’ll leave them at home. 

*want the answer to the joke?  You’ll have to drive to Cannonsburg :)