The Grand Rapids Police and Kent County Prosecutor released several hours of dashcam video, 911 audio recordings, and documents in the investigation of the mass shootings in Grand Rapids that left seven people dead in July. The information was released Tuesday morning.

Rodrick Dantzler killed seven people, then himself after a high-speed chase throughout the city and a hostage stand off.

Today, under the Freedom of Information Act, Police Chief Kevin Belk released the documentation to the public.

According to WZZM 13, Belk said that the investigation revealed that Dantzler did act alone and that the police response was legal and justified.

It was also revealed by Kent County Prosecutor William Forsythe that Dantzler wrote a letter to his mother, blaming his mother-in-law for his marital problems and saying that he was going to "take her with me."  Investigators were not able to find any evident reasons why Dantzler killed his own daughter or the others during his killing spree.

Stay with WZZM 13 today, as they will be releasing more information throughout the day. Check out some of the dashboard cam footage below (note: the video does contain some adult language).

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