I'd like to think that most of my neighbors are kind, hardworking people, who are just trying to live their lives and keep to themselves. But unfortunately for some of us, unlawful activies may be lurking closer to our homes than we realized.

Michigan is no stranger to drug crimes, in fact 29% of national drug crimes are linked to our state. 47% of the drugs that are exported nationally out of Michigan is Methamphetamine (Meth).

Thankfully the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) offers tools to keep you informed on what crimes could be happening in your community. While there may not be much you can do about your neighbors, staying informed can always help you to stay safe.

Where did the DEA find Meth labs in Michigan?

Police Break Crystal Meth Manufacturing Ring
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According to the National Clandestine Laboratory Register Data, there were 2 meth labs that were discoverd in Michigan in 2023. The first one was in Houghton, located at 2100 Spruce Lane.

The lab was busted on Feburary16th, according to local news sources.

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The second Meth lab found in Michigan last year was found a month later in Kalkaska. An unnamed man was arrested at 202 North Coral Street after a warrant led to suspected drugs being found in his home.

They didn't even try to hide what they were doing. According to the arrest report, that while the deputies were making the arrest, they reported drugs in plain view.

While, thankfully the number of these incidents is fairly low, it's still always good to be aware of what's going on, just in case it's near your home.

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