Demi Lovato seemingly agreed with an anti-vaccine post made by We The Kings singer Travis Clark.

On Saturday (December 19), Clark responded to a fan's comment regarding his alleged anti-face mask and anti-vaccine views. He shared a letter on Instagram addressing his recent controversial social media posts.

"I find it troubling that the media and powers that be always choose to promote a drug, a treatment, or a clinic before promoting healthy eating, meditation, outdoor physical activity and spiritual growth," Clark wrote.

He then compared smoking cigarettes and getting cancer to pre-existing conditions and COVID-19. "If you’re going to create a mask mandate to save yourself and those around you, then shouldn’t we also have a mandate against smoking?" he questioned. "Or maybe it’s because tobacco is a billion-dollar industry and we wouldn’t want to disrupt that now would we, even though tobacco has lead to exponentially more deaths than COVID has."

Clark also shared his view that he would "agree" with masks "if they help." (Editor's note: The CDC recommends wearing a mask to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and many scientific studies from the global medical community show that mask-wearing is an effective way to slow viral spread.)

"I also find it interesting that when someone dies of an underlying condition that has COVID, it’s labeled as a COVID death," he added. "Yet, when someone dies from cancer caused by tobacco it’s labeled as a cancer death. Again, inconsistent."

"Very great points! Thank you for sharing," Lovato wrote in response to his letter.

Lovato's recent collaborator, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, also responded to Clark's post, disagreeing with Clark's letter.

"The messaging here is unresponsible [sic] and dangerous," Gaskarth wrote. The All Time Low frontman mentioned that a mandate was put in place for smoking indoor public spaces, similar to the COVID-19 face mask mandate for public places for "the greater good."

"You have a platform, and promoting misinformation on topics rooted in science (not opinion) is not a good look. Stay safe," he concluded.

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