With wet, cool and windy weather conditions... The 34th annual Fifth Third River Bank Run was a huge success.  The 25K race is the largest in the country.  And even though there were almost a thousand fewer runners in this year's event it, was still a huge success!

Regardless of the fact that I had to park almost a mile away from work costing me $35, it was great to see yesterdays River Bank Run drew over 20 thousand runners and was a big boost for the city.  The run that started and ended here in downtown Grand Rapids also included a 50 year old Kentwood gentleman that had recently had a heart transplant.  Of course he didn't do the 25K run, but participated in the 5K walk.  The sad news is that one runner collapsed and died while running the 25k.

But through the good times, sad times, sweat, snot, blood and even vomit... this years run brought in runners from around the world to a city that rallied behind the runners and the Grand Rapids area surely saw a boost in business revenue.  You can find the race results on the official website.  On that website you can also get registered for next year's run which will take place on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

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