We've got all the major league sports in Detroit so why not add soccer to the mix?

According to the Detroit Free Press,

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert and Platinum Equity founder Tom Gores are joining forces to try to bring an MLS franchise downtown during the next round of league expansion."

They're also seeking investors to join in on this idea. As Detroit is coming out of bankruptcy and the city is revitalizing, one thing has always remained true in Detroit and the entire state of Michigan: we love our sports! And the two businessmen are well aware of that.

The commissioner of the MLS, Don Garber, will be in Detroit on Wednesday to discuss the plan and meet with the media.

Garber has expressed interest in expanding the MLS to 28 cities, and Detroit is one of those cities. Currently, the MLS has 20 franchises in the U.S. but Minnesota and Atlanta will each have soccer teams by next year.

Mike Duggan, the mayor of Detroit, is also behind this plan:

"I've been pushing for a Major League Soccer team to come to Detroit for some time. ...The fact that our citywide elementary school soccer league has grown from 600 players last year to more than 900 players this year is an indication of how successful a franchise would be in our city."

The location of the stadium is still undetermined.

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