Maybe you're not behaving your best, and when busted, you just have to be honest with the world.

It won't get you any sympathy from authorities, but it will make you okay in my eyes.

Beatrix Trifanova had just landed in Florida after a Spirit Airlines flight from Detroit  when she noticed the a passenger across the aisle just go right ahead and fire up a cigarette.

She just lit that bad boy nick stick up like she was a boss.

And when confronted by Trifanova, the lady turned to her and simply told her the truth.

She had a “long day” and wanted a smoke break.

Of course, breaking rules means you have to pay the piper, and she was immediately tossed off the airplane, as she should have been.

But God bless her cigarette addicted soul for being honest.

Because we've all "long days" haven't we? When the events of bad luck just keep on multiplying until you just don't care anymore and you say "F-it!" and light your cigarette up anyway.

And from the sound of things, it sounds like the lady may have been knocking back some Drambouies for the better part of the day as well.


Meanwhile, I'm sure our anonymous smoker probably knocked out a couple of packs while waiting to be punished in whatever sort of weird jail they take you to when you smoke. But at that point, I don't think she gave a damn anymore.

Here she is smoking...

And here's the resulting which you can hear some folks in the background wonder, if you're gonna light up, why wasn't it weed.


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