Most of us don't like to think about death. But just like being born and paying taxes, it's one of those things we all do no matter our lifestyle.

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In the past, most people tended to choose a traditional burial in a cemetery inside of a casket. Due to overcrowding and high prices, a lot of people are discovering these days are discovering that isn't your only option.

There are a few of these ways that help others after you're gone. For example, some people choose to donate their bodies to science,  But that's not your only option to give back after you're gone.

What is a burial forest?

The idea behind a burial forest is that it's a sustainable way to be buried. Instead of using expensive methods like embalming and paying money for a casket and/or vault, your body is just buried and left to become one with the earth.

Not only is it sustainable and more affordable, your body also helps preserve the forest that it's buried in for generations to come.

All because in Michigan, if a place is designated to be a cemetery, it is no longer allowed to be developed on. Meaning, your body will also in part be used to help preserve a green space for generations to come.

Where is the burial forest in Michigan?

At this time the burial forest seems to be taking reservations towards future use. Their goal is to be within an hour of Grand Rapids, making it easy for those of us in West Michigan to visit

Courtesy of MiBurial
Courtesy of MiBurial

How much is a forest burial in Michigan?

At this time, it's one flat rate of $3,000. This includes all of your opening and closing fees, as well as your plot. This allows those who run the forest to be able to buy the land to safely place your body.

Courtesy of MiBurial
Courtesy of MiBurial

It's not the cheapest option of all, but compared to a large expensive funeral with a high end casket, it's definitely reasonable and again, allows you to help preserve some of Michigan's beautiful green spaces while you're gone.

If this feels like an option you or your loved ones would like to explore, there's a really informative website that can answer all of your questions and get your started on planning the thing most of us look forward to the least.

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