Cuz I totally didn't until a co-worker who knows how much I love pickles sent me the picture posted on Facebook.

DiPiazza's Pizzeria, in Grand Rapids, is the pizza shop behind this creation. The Pickle Pizza can be made however you desire. The one below consists of light pizza sauce, extra mozzarella, garlic dill pickle slices and basil.

As a pickle eater myself, I'm definitely curious & if you're just as intrigued... today is your lucky day! DiPiazza's announced that they will be giving away FREE samples of their pickle pie today from 5p-8p. That's my type of FriYAY!

No purchase necessary, just stop in for a sample. However, it might be hard not to order something while you're there. DiPiazaa's is famous for their 30" XXXL pizza... the largest one in Grand Rapids! And if you're brave enough you can take on their challenge: 2 people and one 30" pizza. If you conquer the pizza in one hour you can be $300 richer!

And if you REALLLLLY love pickles, The Salted Cupcake also sells pickle cupcakes!

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