Thursday, February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. I can't think of a better story to share than this one...

On Wednesday, February 16th, a group of 11 people went to have lunch at Brann's Steakhouse and Grille, at 401 Leonard St. NW in Grand Rapids.

The server, a woman named Taylor, had know idea what was about to happen. A total of eleven people were there to grab lunch. They were also part of a program called Generosity Lunch.

Here is how it works: A group of people meet monthly for a nice lunch. Each person brings $100 in cash with them. The host of the group for that day collects the money. The group enjoys each other's company and enjoys a nice meal. At the end, the host pays the bill and whatever money is left over is given to the server as a tip.

The goal every month is to have 15 people and to leave a tip of over $1,000.

At Brann's, a total of eleven people were in attendance. They collectively contributed a total of $1,220. The total bill for lunch for all of them came to $181.23. That left a remaining $1,038.77 to be given to the server as a tip!

Here is video of them presenting Taylor with the surprise tip...

You can see the entire Facebook post here and read the comments.

Here is the group of eleven people that made it all possible...

Generosity Lunch Particpants
Photo: Jonathan Mast via Facebook

The group plans to do it again next month at a different location. Want to be a part of this fantastic group? Just leave them a message on the website. They can also help you if you live in a different city and want to host a similar event.

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