We want to find West Michigan's Fattest Baby!  Fat babies are so adorable and we want you to show off a fat baby in your life!  You can choose a baby that is all grown up or a baby that is only 4 months old.  Just submit a picture of the baby, their age in the photo, and how much they weighed at the time.

What do you win?  Absolutely nothing, other than the satisfaction of knowing that you have a big beautiful baby!  Fill out the form below to enter:

The Fattest Baby In West Michigan

We are looking for the fattest baby in West Michigan! Fill out the form below to enter.
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Baby Charlotte's Chubby Little Legs

The reason we started this contest is that Steve is very proud of his chubby little girl, Charlotte.  According to her pediatrician, she weighs more than 98% of other babies her age.

Last time she was weighed was right around the 8-month mark and she weighed a whopping 26 pounds!  To put that into context, the average weight of a baby boy at 8-months is 17.5 to 22-pounds, and girls weigh about half a pound less than that.  So, Charlotte weighs 4 more pounds than the average baby boy her age.  Can your baby beat that?