Donna Summer 

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

The undisputed queen of disco passed away today at 63, and the pop world was quick to mourn through — what else? — Twitter. Stars who Donna Summer clearly influenced, like Rihanna, Robyn and Nicki Minaj were fast to respond. One pattern we noticed? Other than Adam Lambert and Timbaland, almost all of Summer's first public social media mourners were women! Rest in peace, Donna Summer.


Donna Summer- You have inspired me in so many ways…..



RIP Donna Summers!!!!!!!!!–. You were truly a game changer!!!



this cant be tru // i cant believe this RIP Donna Summer. at a lost 4words



Wow, another legend gone. Rest in peace to the beautiful disco queen Donna Summer.



RIP Donna Summer. glorious disco Goddess.






“@_Vaun: @ rihanna sadly, yes. : (” RIP #dearDonna



I may be an 80's baby, but I LOVED the disco era. Donna Summer & Diana Ross were the inspiration for my 70's scene in Pretty Girl Rock vid!!



#TootTootHeyBeepBeep RIP Donna Summer