I think we could do an entire nature photo gallery and not take two steps out of Grand Rapids.

Case in point, these ducks...

Josh/ Channel 957
Josh/ Channel 957

It was raining pretty much all day on Saturday, which brought the ducks out in my neighborhood. What's actually really cool about this group is they are on a schedule just like you and I.

Every morning they're waddling down the parking lot and across the street to the pond that sits on a nearby property. Then every evening around 7, you can catch them waddling back across the street, up the parking lot, to this space between my building and my neighbor's building.

The fact that it's like clockwork is really entertaining to me.

Yesterday they were a bit off schedule, I would like to think because they were enjoying a good waddle in the rain. I took this photo from behind my door, when I was going to leave they were all just standing there staring at me!


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