An early morning car crash left a vehicle in a precarious situation, hanging off a bridge.

I can't tell, but the vehicle appears to be a truck or SUV that spun out and then rolled up the snow hill to the edge of the bridge.

The crash occurred on the eastbound Ford just before Chicago Drive exit 59. As in the previous posted video of an incident in Milwaukee, if you're driving, you should be very cautious of snow piled up along side area freeways, as hitting those at the right angle could launch you over the side.

Michigan State Police told WOOD-TV 8 that no one was injured in the accident, which backed up traffic for over a mile for a time along inbound I-196.

Crews will eventually remove the solid piles of now icy snow, but with more lake effect snow due later this week, it may be a while.

Let's be safe out there.

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