The Grand Castle Apartments in Grandville have been the source of much debate and controversy since the day it was announced.  The intent of the apartments was to be whimsical and fun, but many people think it's just the opposite, an eyesore.

Thanks to the Redditor, TheCastleDweller, we get an interesting look at the inside of The Grand Castle Apartments that isn't through the lens of a media outlet or a marketing team. So, we get to see a bunch of little nooks and crannies of the building that aren't available on their website, including the game room, the dog grooming center, and some of the balconies.  OK, let's check out the photos...

Now, if you want to see how The Grand Castle Apartments are marketed, you can check out their gallery.  It's a little bit of a different look than the one offered up by TheCastleDweller.

If you are completely unaware of what this place is or where it is located, it's right off of I-196 in Grandville.

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