I know that there are a lot of hobbies out there that I'm just not in to. People find things that interest them all over the place. The next thing you know, it's their biggest passion in the world!

I know knitters, crocheters, scrapbookers, people who really enjoy cooking, or baking, or running. And I get it, those things bring them joy, a sense of accomplishment perhaps.

But, the lady in this video, I don't understand her hobby. I mean, I guess it's kind of like creating art, and I can see how that would be enjoyable. So, let me re-phrase my previous statement: I don't understand why she's so excited about it.

What is this hobby? Sponges. Well, painting, or making squiggly lines, or whatever it is that she's doing with these sponges. Listen to how excited she gets about them. And half the things she says, could totally be construed as being a bit dirty. Plus, notice how every time she makes a line, be it straight, a "wiggle" or whatever, she screams and gets excited like she didn't know that it was going to happen.

And hey, it comes in three sizes because she "can't stand just one size".

I know that the people in infomercials are generally a little nutty, but this lady may take the (sponge) cake.