It's no secret that I'm a giant racquetball nerd, so I've put together a comprehensive list of all of the things that you'll need to be just like me (only maybe better at the game - YOU probably won't injure your former doctor by hitting him in the face. Oops.)

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The great thing about racquetball is that it's pretty easy to learn and it's a ton of fun. It's also nice that you don't need at TON of stuff to get started in the sport.

Obviously, you need a racquet

There are a ton of them out there, and as you play more you'll learn which type you like the best. This one made by HEAD is pretty great for beginners and won't break the bank


Heh. I said "balls". But really, the racquetball ball is the second most important piece of equipment (because you can't play the game without them.) The more you play, the more you may find that you prefer a specific brand or color or whatever, but for the most part racquetball balls are pretty standard, so you can't go wrong no matter what kind you get.


It's important to get the right kind of shoes for racquetball if you're going to be playing quite a bit. The floors on the courts can be pretty slippery, so you need shoes with great traction and a gum rubber outsole to keep you from slipping and also help you change direction quickly. Depending on the brands, shoes can range from pretty inexpesive to "holy crap, they want how much for these?!?" But, like runners and people who play any sport, you'll likely find a brand and style of shoe that you really like and stick with it.


Gloves can be a little tricky. They come in tons of different styles and sizes. The purpose of the gloves is to help you grip your racquet better. They also help prevent against blisters and callouses, so you're definitely going to want to get yourself a pair. I suggest finding ones that are also good at absorbing sweat if you're a sweaty Betty like me. (You really only need one, so you'll have to figure out if you want one for your right hand or your left hand.) This one from Wilson is super comfortable AND is great at absorbing sweat.


Remember when I said that I hit my former doctor in the face with a ball last weekend? Well, goggles definitely kept the damage done from being much, much worse. I can't stress enough how important it is to wear eye protection when playing racquetball. You're not just going to want to go to the hardware store and pick up a random pair of goggles. You're going to want some that are comfortable, that will stay on as you move around, AND that don't fog up (because, again, sweaty.) These goggles from HEAD are reasonably priced AND they check all of the boxes.

So, there you go! Now you're ready to be a super racquetball nerd just like me! If you want to take a bit of a shortcut, you can get starter kits that include the racquet, balls, and goggles - so you'll only have to get the shoes and gloves.