Because of the ice storm that was predicted to come through last night, our boss Sweet Sweet Doug got us a hotel room at the City Flats Hotel.  Thanks, Sweet D! So, we got to our rooms and Connie struck gold with her amazing room!

Connie's room at the City Flats Hotel

At first, we wanted to just have a relaxing night, maybe grab one drink and then watch a movie... But that didn't happen.  So, we left our hotel room and hit up the town!

Connie and Fish pregame selfie in front of City Flats Hotel

We got to Flanagan's and had our first drinks.  Can you guess who got the Michelob Ultra and who got the Red Bull and vodka?

Connie and Fish's first drinks of the night.

After our drinks at Flanagan's we headed down to Uccello's and apparently it was time for shots!

At the bar, doing shots!

And then all of the shots were taken and the beers were empty.  So, what did we do next?

Shots aftermath

We took a little walk and met some people playing broom hockey at Rosa Parks Circle!

Time for a little walk... To another bar!

And after that little walk, we ended up back at the bar!  This time we hit up Big O's and we need to keep the night going, with more shots!

It's time for more shots!

And now that we are fueled back up with some more shots, let's go bar hop again!

Yay! We are back at the bar!

And then we finally decide to call it a night...  Well, right after our nightcap, of course!

And then there were more drinks...

And then it's time for our walk back to the hotel through our beautiful downtown!

And finally Connie and Fish walked back home... Well, back to the City Flats Hotel

Thanks for hanging out with us, every one!  We had a blast last night!

Shoutouts to all of our new friends: Brian, Caitlynn, Jordan, Beth, Barb, Ashley, Jill, Susie, Kaley, Scott, Alvine, Simon, and Theodore!  Sorry if we missed anyone's name, we had some drinks and met a lot of people!

And just for good measure, he is a little video that Fishy shot on their wild night out.