A bold turkey named Gary has been relocated after bringing annoyance and delight to a Kentwood neighborhood.

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If you've driven in the area of 52nd St. and Kalamazoo Ave. recently, you may have seen Gary strutting around.

Residents and motorists have recounted stories of Gary walking wherever he pleased, becoming enamored with a woman's Jeep, seeming to wait for the school bus, and even chasing the mailman.

These tales I learned from Gary's Facebook page, which was created in early February. Yes, Gary the Turkey has his own Facebook page! It's a lovely corner of the Internet where folks could share Gary sightings, pictures, videos, and marvel at the bird's antics.

Kayla Rachelle Smith , who began the Facebook page says,

I have seen this turkey now for years. He has always been by himself, and just not afraid of us humans. Just living his best life! He is very quirky. And so different from any other turkeys I've ever seen. I happened to see a post about him on a grand rapids Facebook group. And I was taken back by how many other people have seen and adored him! So I wanted a space where we could share our love and stories about Gary with the community. It gave me so much laughter and just joy seeing him in all his antics.


From the stories shared there you can tell Gary had a special place in many hearts!

However, Gary could also be a nuisance. People were worried that Gary would get hit by a car or cause a traffic accident.

Well, Gary has finally been captured. It seems the turkey was quite elusive and both the DNR and local police were involved in his capture and removal.

While Gary the Turkey will certainly be missed, many sound happy that he'll be in safer place.

Nancy says,

So long Gary. Enjoy your new home. Maybe you'll be able to find a lady friend and make little Gary's

Annette says,

He is much safer along with all the people who drive that area everyday. He needs to find other turkeys that will accept him into their group. If he didn’t stand in the middle of the road all the time and stayed on the sidewalk, he wouldn’t have been a problem at all. I’m glad the 52nd/Kzoo mascot, aka Gary the turkey, is going to a better place.

Kayla , the creator of Gary's Facebook page shares,

I am sad to see him go. In all the chaos life can bring, driving down Kalamazoo Ave. and seeing my buddy just hanging out on the corner always made me smile. I hope wherever he was transferred to he will be happy and safe and continue to bring smiles to the world.

What an impression Gary the Turkey made! While many are curious exactly where Gary has been relocated, that information has not been shared. Hoping he's safe and happy in his new home, wherever that may be!

UPDATE: While I did each out to Kentwood PD and did not hear back, the police department has shared a video update on Gary the Turkey! They say that Gary has been taken to "a wooded area away from harm" and that the big bird "was in no way harmed during this capture and release."

Kentwood Police Department Update on Gary the Turkey from City of Kentwood on Vimeo.

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